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Turn It Up! Staying Strong Inside is a publication created for and by people in prison.


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Turn It Up! features information about chronic health conditions, guidance for how to advocate for proper care while inside, in-depth interviews, and wellness tips for staying healthy while incarcerated.

The first Turn It Up! was released in the fall of 2015. The second edition launched in April 2019. Browse the second edition

HOT OFF THE PRESSES! Turn It Up! 2nd Edition, Winter/Spring 2019

Turn It Up! Staying Strong Inside is a magazine-format wellness guide for people who are incarcerated, published by the Sero Project. The latest edition of Turn It Up! is available for free to individuals and groups behind prison walls, as well as organizations that work with people who are incarcerated.


The editorial and advisory bodies for both issues of Turn It Up! were made up of formerly incarcerated people and others who work closely with people in prison. Most of the authors, artists, and interviewees who contributed to Turn It Up! have been or are currently incarcerated.


Art by Mariela Duran, for the back cover of the second edition of Turn It Up!

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