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A Publication for Incarcerated People
Published by Sero Project, Inc., a network of people with HIV and allies fighting stigma and injustice


Winter/Spring 2019


Laura Whitehorn and Olivia G. Ford, Editors-in-Chief
Andrea Piccolo, Art Director
Cindy Stine, Project Manager


Cover photo: John Gress
Back cover art: Mariela Duran and Walter McDavid

Table of Contents

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From the Publisher
Sean Strub

From the Editors
Laura Whitehorn and Olivia G. Ford

A Complicated "Happy Mother's Day"
Jerrye Broomhall


Overcoming Barriers to Parenting 
Nicole Campbell


Ramadan: Nutrition for Body and Soul         
Sekou Odinga


Running for My Life
John Orr


Creating a Creative Support Group
Lisa Strawn


Diabetes: The Basics


Hepatitis C Information: Avoiding, Treating, Curing
Adapted by Suzy Martin


The Truth About HIV
Adapted by Olivia G. Ford


Trans Health Basics


Opioids: How to Stay Safe and Alive
Barbara Zeller, MD


Growing Gray, Staying Strong
Victoria Law


When We Dehumanize, We Can Hurt Somebody Without Feeling Remorse
Moderated by Monica James


5 Tips for Getting the Best Care You Can
Brian Carmichael




WORKS FOR ME: Self-Care Tips from Inside (Illustrated)                

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